Midnight Mass is not for us.

This is good

Da Masked Avenger


Dear Miqdaad


I appreciate your responding to my tweet censuring your planned attendance at midnight Mass, despite the lingering suspicion that it was motivated more by a desire to win plaudits as a man of moderation standing up to “extremists” rather than understanding my (and many others’) objections.


First of all let me start by saying that I was deliberate in my choice of words: “potentialacts of kufr”. I didn’t assume you would be participating in any singing, recitations or litanies. I have no idea what you meant by the “living in the UK” part. The UK isn’t a religious institution conducting a continual religious ceremony. For sure there are many potential pitfalls involved in living here and one must navigate them as adroitly as one can (a good start would be by not attending church ceremonies when there is no compulsion to do so).

I understand…

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  1. There’s always some activist knob getting the wrong end of the stick and then descending into activistsplaining. I love the phrase about pitfalls of living here. If so, then the earth is a big place.


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