MacIntyre on being the heirs of Kuhn and not Kant


Faheem A. Hussain

‘What was at issue here is perhaps easier for us to recognise now than it was for Gifford and his contemporaries. They had indeed learned both from the philosophical influence of the successors of Reid and Stewart and from the heirs of Kant, especially through the teaching of Sir William Hamilton, that what is given to perception and observation is always already informed by concepts and judgements. They did not believe in what Sellars has called the myth of “the given.” But it was part of what I am calling their unitary conception of rationality and of the rational mind that they took it for granted not only that all rational persons conceptualise data in one and the same way that therefore any attentive and honest observer, unblinded and undistracted by the prejudices of prior commitment to belief, would report the same data, the same facts, but also that it…

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