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  1. In terms of individuals I think we have had a great British flavour to Islam but more in the past than this current time. You are right and I say we need a revival.
    Although currently there are great souls like Yusuf Islam or Abdal Hakim Murad and let us not forget our own brother here Paul Williams to name but a few, but that is the problem in my opinion, there are very few currently.
    I feel the British or English expressions of Islam were more found in the past with Abdullah Quilliam, Marmuduke Pickthall, Abdullah Yusuf Ali, the late Taslim Ali etc and those are a very few among many of the past public figures not including amazing people we personally knew.
    In terms of expressions, we will not achieve that without the individuals. It feels like we currently have a lack of charisma, sophistication, open-mindedness resulting in more infiltrators rather than contributors to society. I believe there is potential but due to various restrictions and current approaches among our current communities we are a long way of truly achieving the English expression of Islam. These are personal views.

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